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Visual Communication

Graphic Design is all about communication. A designer is tasked with interpreting your ideas into a visual medium. Sometimes the beginning is vague or broadly focused. My job is to isolate that idea and strike at the core to flesh it out in the best way I can. Skirting the line of playing it safe and surprising the client with a fresh angle that they may not have been thinking of. Starting too bold with the design will most definitely result in revisions. Not surprising that thinking too far outside the box can lead to confusion, defeating the entire purpose. I tend to look at a design as a problem to be solved. Take the design shown here. I wanted a graphic that encompassed idea creation and the printing process in some way. I stumbled across the image of splashing cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink and something clicked. Those are the colors that most printers run and I began adding elements to build out the idea portion. Both the light bulb and brain being universally recognized symbols for ideas, I used the ink to flow between the 2 images. I tied it all together using only those 4 colors that represent the printing process. Problem solved right? You be the judge. If you are in need of someone to interpret your bold idea into a visual medium we have a team of designers ready to tackle the job. Give us a call or email and tell us your idea we can make it happen.


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