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Another New Printer to Play With

We did it again! There is a giant machine looming behind me waiting to be used. We just finished putting together our new Roland TruVIS VG-540 printer. This monster will mainly be used for printed heat transfers for polyester and other technical fabric garments. Now we will be able to offer different cresting options for jerseys with unlimited colors and gradients or number styles that were previously unavailable to us due to the limits of our numbering press. I really want to see what this thing can do.

To my understanding we will potentially be able to print tons of stuff from stickers to banners. All we will need to do is change the paper, and if that is the case that may be an avenue to explore. Not sure if we will be offer those services just yet, since we are in set up and test mode for the time being. The technician arrives tomorrow for the training and final setup. I'll post an update when we are up and running. By the way our direct to garment printer is already working and orders are heading out the door, keep an eye out for our new portfolio coming soon.

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